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Why Straighten Teeth?

Straighter teeth are more effective at biting, chewing, as well as enhancing speaking than crooked teeth. Also, a straight smile increases a person’s confidence and can help prevent a range of dental issues.

The various types of malocclusion include crossbite, underbite, overbite, and overcrowding. Each of the alignment issues has a negative effect on the cosmetic appearance and functionality of the teeth.

Here’s an overview of a few disorders connected with crooked teeth:

  • Periodontitis – gum disease or Periodontitis often starts as a bacterial infection which is caused by poor oral hygiene. It is difficult to properly clean crooked teeth, which results in the buildup of bacteria, plaque, and debris in areas that are hard to reach. It is much easier to clean straight teeth, and they are less likely to be affected by gum disease.
  • Temporomandibular Disorder (TMJ) – most times, crooked teeth result in improper alignment of the jaw, which eventually leads to a painful condition known as TMJ. This debilitating disorder is often characterized by severe lockjaw, jaw pain, headaches, and teeth grinding.
  • Tooth injury – straight teeth form a strong wall, making them less susceptible to injuries. Crooked teeth tend to be weaker and often protrude, making them more prone to injury.
  • Uneven wear – crooked teeth results in a situation where some teeth work harder than others when chewing and biting. With straight teeth, the workload is evenly distributed, which means the risk of injury is greatly reduced, and there is improved aesthetics.

Either of customized aligning trays or orthodontic braces can be used to straighten the teeth.  Orthodontic braces are usually attached to the teeth for a specific period. The orthodontist tightens the archwires and brackets regularly and removes them once treatment is complete. Fixed braces can be used on the back side or front side of the teeth and can be used in treating any form of malocclusion.

Aligning trays are completely removable; they are used where the malocclusion is not so severe, and the teeth only require small movements. These trays require replacement every few weeks while the treatment is on, and they have a track record of straightening the teeth.

For questions about orthodontics and teeth straightening, please consult your orthodontist.

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