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LUMINEERS® are an effective, alternative solution for those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. These extremely thin, porcelain slips are perfectly fitted over teeth, giving them a completely beautiful and cosmetically perfect look. A discolored smile can lower a person’s confidence. LUMINEERS® are the most suitable alternative for patients who want to improve their smile without harmful chemicals, surgery or painful treatments.

Before applying LUMINEERS®, the dentist must ensure that the gums, bone and underlying teeth must be healthy. Patients with tooth decay or gum disease must be treated before LUMINEERS® are placed. LUMINEERS®, unlike veneers, remain intact for more than 20 years or taken off upon request to reveal the original teeth. LUMINEERS® can be placed in two appointments, and immediately improve your smile.

Some of the problems LUMINEERS® can solve include the following:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Uneven teeth and gums
  • Unnatural looking crown and bridges

How can I benefit from LUMINEERS®?

LUMINEERS® have lots of advantages over similar solutions. Most obvious is that there is no need for any severe alterations of the teeth before the placement of LUMINEERS®.  The covers are so thin that they do not affect eating and speech.

Some of the other pros of LUMINEERS® include:

  • Can have a life-span of over 20 years
  • No rigorous drilling of inner tooth setup
  • No discomfort or pain
  • No injections
  • Just two dental visits required
  • Possibility of placing multiple LUMINEERS® at a time
  • Perfect, sparkling, white teeth
  • Totally reversible treatment
  • Thickness of a contact lens

Do LUMINEERS® have enough strength?

LUMINEERS® are made from Cerinate® porcelain, which is believed to be exceptionally strong. Although LUMINEERS® are significantly thinner than veneers; they don’t chip or break easily. Also, it is possible to balance and color-modify Cerinate® porcelain. This implies that various levels of translucency and opaqueness can be utilized.

How are LUMINEERS® applied to the teeth?

The fact that little etching has to be done beforehand is one of the major reasons LUMINEERS® LUMINEERS® are easy to place. Whereas, with veneers, the dentist might have to drill or permanently alter many teeth before arriving at the best fit. However, LUMINEERS® allow you to achieve impressive results without any extensive etching, anesthesia or drilling. This factor alone is enough to reduce the amount of time a patient spends in the dental chair by half.

X-rays and bite impressions are taken during the initial visit to examine how the teeth fit together.  The dentist also checks the teeth to ensure that there is no sign of gum disease or tooth decay. The dentist then works with the patient to select the desired color and the level of transparency of the LUMINEERS®. The dentist then sends the bite impressions to the laboratory to be custom-crafted.

At the second appointment, the LUMINEERS® are bonded to the teeth. Any bonding substance that has slipped from beneath the LUMINEERS® will be removed gently with the aid of a beveled featheredge margin. As soon as the LUMINEERS® are set, they are polished and smoothened. This smoothness makes it difficult for staining agents and bacterial to adapt easily to the surfaces of the LUMINEERS®.

Now the LUMINEERS® are separated. Before separation, they are still attached to the area where the bite impression suggests would be the natural joining point of the teeth.  The treatment ends, resulting in a healthy, beautiful and confident smile.

For questions about LUMINEERS®, please feel free to contact our practice.

Cerinate® and LUMINEERS® are trademarks of Den-Mat Holdings LLC.

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