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Simple Tooth Extractions

If you suffer from advanced periodontal disease or having to deal extreme sensitivity, you may just need a tooth extraction. It’s a simple process that involves the dentist removing the affected tooth, and the process requires no major surgery.

Why undergo a tooth extraction

In many situations, undergoing a simple tooth extraction can help in relieving pain or preparing you for another restorative or cosmetic procedure. Here are some of the common reasons for extraction:

  • Tooth roots that have been loosened by advanced periodontal disease
  • Adult teeth impeded by baby teeth or extra teeth
  • Getting a patient ready for orthodontic procedure
  • Getting rid of a deformed or fractured tooth
  • Serious tooth decay which can’t be rectified using root canal therapy

How is a tooth extraction done?

Before anything, the dentist takes X-rays of the affected tooth.  The dentist will then administer you an anesthetic, so you don’t feel pain while the procedure is on. Then the dentist will lift the tooth and soften the gums and ligaments at the base of the tooth.  Finally, the dentist now uses a pair of forceps to rock the tooth continuously until it pulls out of the ligament that holds it firmly in the gum. There are some cases where a tooth might not succumb to the soft tugging by the dentist.  In these situations, there may be the need to break up the tooth into smaller sizes before it is removed.

We will then fill the socket, where a tooth was removed, with gauze and you will be made to apply some pressure by biting down. The dentist will also close the socket using stitches, if necessary.

If you are unable to show up for your scheduled extraction, please get in touch with us, as we may need to make an alternative arrangement for you. Please do get in touch with us for any concerns or questions.

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