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A sealant refers to a plastic coating usually applied to chewing surfaces of premolars, molars or any pits in the teeth. These pits or grooves are where over 75% of decay begins. These types of teeth are more likely to decay and are hard to clean. Covering deep grooves with a sealant makes it easy to clean the surface of the tooth.

While sealants are capable of preventing tooth decay, they still need to be checked for chipping and wear regularly.

Why use sealants?

Children and teenagers – once the first permanent back teeth appear or any time within the cavity-prone years (6-16 years)

Adults – tooth surfaces with depressions and deep grooves

Baby teeth – occasionally carried out if child is prone to cavity and teeth deep depressions and grooves

What do sealants involve?

Your dental hygienist or dentist applies sealants, and the process is not time-consuming.

Before sealing, the teeth are first cleaned and surrounded with cotton, so the area remains dry. The dentist applies a special solution to the enamel so the sealant can bond with the teeth. The teeth are rinsed, dried, and the sealant is applied to the enamel to cover the depressions and deep grooves. The material hardens automatically or with the use of a curing light, depending on the sealant used.

Healthy eating, proper home care and regular visit to the dentist enhance the life of your sealant.

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